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On this one-on-one call we'll:

  • Learn about how you've traditionally approached R&D Tax Credits in your business.

  • Show you how RetroacDev uses data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate traditionally time-intensive R&D Study interviews and determine the portion of each employee's time spent on Qualified R&D.

  • Teach you about the project management platforms your clients are using in their day-to-day work and how existing data can be leveraged for better Qualified R&D documentation.

  • Discuss the economics of providing R&D Study services.

We’ll give you a clear understanding of RetroacDev's structured, data-driven R&D Study workflow so you feel confident in your ability to calculate, document, and defend your clients' R&D Credits better than the competitors.

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"RetroacDev is the best R&D Study solution for accountants with SaaS & Technology clients. RetroacDev’s process helps us analyze our clients’ data to produce R&D Credit numbers we can trust."


Joe & JR Faris


"Prior to RetroacDev, we relied on clients' representations to document R&D expenses which carried too much risk. Using technology to solve a tax problem is appealing and also provides risk mitigation."

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Jeremy Dubow


"The team at RetroacDev has helped me strengthen our documentation for R&D tax credit studies across multiple clients by building custom integrations with the project management software my clients use."


Bryant Park

Launch CPA

"RetroacDev is airCFO's chosen R&D partner. By using RetroaDev's platform, airCFO can easily access and organize our clients technical data to perform a thorough R&D analysis. This allows us to claim the maximum allowable R&D tax credit for our clients while producing thorough documentation to support the claim."


Greg Jackson