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How It Works

Build a scalable, repeatable process for collecting and analyzing data from software clients for R&D studies

precision data

Collect activity data, skip the interviews.

Analyze contemporaneous activity data from the software tools your SaaS and Technology clients use in their day-to-day work. Collecting data from the project management systems clients already use means you aren't creating any extra work for their teams. No disruptive engineer interviews required.

descriptive analytic

Leave the accuracy to us.

RetroacDev's workflow, calculations, and documentation are all driven by your client's data, not guesses made about the projects they worked on a year ago. Easily see where software engineers spent their time and how much of each project was related to Qualified R&D activities like new feature development and performance improvements.

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Structured R&D Studies

We understand it may be unclear where to start. Our R&D Study workflow provides structure, data analytics, and documentation to make you confident in your ability to defend clients in the event of an audit. Our built-in Federal & State QRE calculators eliminate any risk posed by human error in Excel workbooks.

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Use the data your clients already have

Version Control

Most software teams collaborate by using Version Control, which saves every version of the codebase in case it needs to be referenced later. It records every line of code that an engineer changed, just like "Track Changes" in Microsoft Word. Software engineers use Version Control to share code, develop new features, and figure out when bugs were introduced.

We currently integrate with

  • XMLID 38 Git, including:

    • XMLID 26 GitHub

    • GitLab (2) GitLab

    • Bitbucket Bitbucket


  • Azure DevOpsTFS Azure DevOps/TFS

Project Management Software

Many companies use Project Management Software to help teams track and assign tasks, issues, or tickets. These tasks aren’t the code itself, but they usually include specifications written by managers, and descriptions of the work engineers do.

We currently integrate with

  • Jira Jira

  • Pivotal Tracker Pivotal Tracker

Apply a Scalable, Repeatable System for R&D Studies

Collect & Upload Data

Invite your clients to upload their team's software engineering data directly into RetroacDev in a matter of seconds. We do NOT import clients' source code or intellectual property. Ask us for our Information Security documentation for more info on our data security and confidentiality practices.

Analyze Results

RetroacDev analyzes clients' version control system and project management data to determine:

  • How much of each engineer's time was spent on each project (or component)
  • How much of the work on each project was related to Qualified R&D Activities
  • Create contemporaneous work-logs for the entire tax year, showing each engineer's daily work on each project.

Importing data from the platforms client teams are using in their day-to-day work means no disruptive engineer interviews or asking clients to be on-boarded to a new daily-recording system.

Review Documentation

Claiming the R&D Tax Credit is equal parts art & science. RetroacDev provides accountants with its best estimates using clients' version control data, and let's accountants and clients make the final determination of how aggressive or conservative a tax credit to claim.

File Form 6765

After applying W-2 wages and 1099 contractor expenses, supplies, and the cost of computer rentals, RetroacDev calculates the client's total Qualified Research Expenditure (QRE) for the tax year and provides a breakdown of QRE by state, so you can take full advantage of R&D incentives. RetroacDev provides guidance on where to plug these numbers into IRS Form 6765.

We've Got the Tech Covered So You Can Focus on Your Clients

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Data Analytics

  • OAuth integration for GitHub
  • Manual upload for other version control systems
  • Data integrity filters
  • Automated matching of  data source usernames to  employees
  • Qualified time analytics
  • Qualified R&D Activity analytics
  • Robust R&D documentation
supply chain development

Qualitative Analysis

  • Built-in IRS Audit Guideline surveys that can be sent to clients directly
  • 4-Part test
  • Internal Use Software (IUS)
  • Funded Research exclusion
  • Reverse Engineering exclusion
  • ...and others


  • Built-in QRE Calculator
  • Federal QRE calculation
  • State-by-State QRE breakdown
  • 80% rule for W-2 employees
  • 35% haircut for 1099 contractors
  • Guidance on Form 6765
  • Account for supply costs and computer rental costs

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