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The R&D Tax Credit Platform Built for Accountants

Use your clients' existing data to classify each employee's activities, calculate their Qualified Research Expenses (QREs), and substantiate the tax credit.
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Run data through A.I. and rules-based classifiers to determine Qualified R&D time for each employee.


Create contemporaneous Qualified Research Activity (QRA) documentation to protect the credit in the event of an audit.

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Get your clients the tax credits they've earned through R&D and watch them grow. To the moon!

We're not an R&D Tax Credit specialist firm. We're your software partner.

Use AI to eliminate the tedious manual parts of a traditional R&D study. Focus your time on the biggest value adds for your clients. Be confident the tax credits you help clients claim will stand up to a rigorous IRS audit.

$30 million in R&D tax credits claimed
Your clients are creating R&D-ready data as part of their regular day-to-day workflows. We'll educate you on how RetroacDev analyzes it.
325+ R&D Studies powered
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"RetroacDev is the best R&D Study solution for accountants with SaaS & Technology clients. RetroacDev’s process helps us analyze our clients’ data to produce R&D Credit numbers we can trust."


Joe & JR Faris


"Prior to RetroacDev, we relied on clients' representations to document R&D expenses which carried too much risk. Using technology to solve a tax problem is appealing and also provides risk mitigation."

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Jeremy Dubow


"The team at RetroacDev has helped me strengthen our documentation for R&D tax credit studies across multiple clients by building custom integrations with the project management software my clients use."


Bryant Park

Launch CPA

"RetroacDev is airCFO's chosen R&D partner. By using RetroaDev's platform, airCFO can easily access and organize our clients technical data to perform a thorough R&D analysis. This allows us to claim the maximum allowable R&D tax credit for our clients while producing thorough documentation to support the claim."


Greg Jackson


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How to get the right information from your clients for a successful R&D tax credit filing

Identify your client's work that qualifies for the tax credit

Clearly guide clients through collecting the right information

Avoid signing off on an incorrect claim


Strong Qualified R&D Activity (QRA) Documentation is what's most important to us.

What industries does the RetroacDev platform handle?

RetroacDev is for clients in any industry.  It can get its data from project management tools (all industries), Git (software development), and surveys (all industries, including companies that don't have any other data).

How do you handle people who are not engineers?

For R&D employees who are not engineers, such as C-Suite execs and Product Managers, we're able to use data from popular project management software like Jira, Pivotal Tracker, Rally, and more to document their involvement in R&D.

Will my clients be comfortable sharing this data?

The data and information your clients share with you cannot be used to reverse engineer their product(s) or process(es). For software engineering (Git or other version control data), clients do not share their actual code or IP. They only share metadata about changes made to the codebase during the development process. Additionally, regardless of industry, your clients have total control over and visibility into which metadata they share.

Do you offer audit protection?

We are not licensed to defend you before the IRS, but if your client is audited we will make ourselves entirely available for audit support. Our data-driven methodology and documentation are the value we bring to our accountant partners.

Has your documentation been audited?

The first R&D Studies we powered were in 2018, so no clients have been audited yet. However, the accountants that use RetroacDev are confident the reports and contemporaneous documentation we produce will stand up against an IRS audit.